• Unlimited photos
• Prints 4×6 photos
• Open air photo booth
• Guests will stand in front of the Big Shot Camera with a custom backdrop or white pipe and drape
• An attendant can take a picture for them or the guest can hit the shutter button on the Big Shot
• The front display of the Big Shot will start counting down from 5 and guests can see and pose themselves accordingly on the display
• The picture is then printed instantly and is added to the slideshow being displayed on the back of the Big Shot
•Guests waiting on line can view slideshow on the back of the monitor
• Logo or messages can be added to the print
• Social media capability with separate kiosk
• Props included
• Master DVD of all photos from the event
• Trained Photo Technician

More About the Big Shot Selfie Camera

I’ll get back to the party, but first, let me take a selfie! No need to hide in the corner with your iPhone.. Stand proud of your selfie with our Big Shot Selfie Cam. Smile bright then hold a moment while your selfie is printed instantly and is added to the events slideshow.Don’t forget to add a logo or message and ask about our Social Media upgrades!