Event Gaming Rentals

Gaming rentals have emerged as a significant component of both private and corporate event entertainment. They are particularly well-suited for diverse occasions, such as company picnics, trade show booth games, college events, and professional associations.

We offer the opportunity to incorporate your brand into a variety of our amusement gaming rentals to personalize your upcoming event, trade show booth, exhibition, or experiential marketing campaign.

Whether you have a graphic designer or need one of our designers to assist you, we can accommodate your needs.

Virtual Reality Pods Experience

This AMAZING experience puts guests in a race car, on a roller coaster, flying an airplane, and many other fun options!

Custom Branding

Add your brand to many of our amusement game rentals for your upcoming event, trade show booth, exhibition, experiential marketing, or any event where you want to add a customized touch. We can work with your graphic designer or have one of our designers help.

LED Ping Pong Table

We have taken the classic ping pong table and converted it into a showpiece for your event. With bright LED lights, up to 4 players will play all night and have a blast! Let us add your logo or graphic to give it a personalized touch.

Pop Shots Basketball

Two nets per Pop Shot Backboard allows 2 players at a time to challenge each other to a game of HORSE, free throws, or high score wins!

LED Corn Hole

With an AWESOME LED twist, Cornhole can be played with 2 or 4 players. Pick which side of the board you’ll throw from and even the guests who aren’t playing will watch! Our LED Cornhole will glow at your event.

Giant Light Bright

Giant Light Bright brings back the classic creative game in a whole new light! The back wall is lit from behind and attendees insert the giant pegs to create their own unique piece of Light Bright art!!

Gaming rentals offer a dynamic and interactive addition to any event, whether it’s a private celebration or a corporate gathering. Ideal for company picnics, trade shows, college events, and more, these rentals provide engaging entertainment that appeals to guests of all ages. We offer a variety of gaming experiences that can be customized to fit the theme of your event or incorporate your brand for a personalized touch.

From Virtual Reality Pods that transport guests into thrilling adventures to classic games like LED Ping Pong and Cornhole with a modern twist, our offerings ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The Pop Shots Basketball game allows friendly competition between players, while our Giant Light Bright wall sparks creativity as attendees create illuminated artworks. With options for custom branding available, these gaming rentals not only entertain but also enhance the overall atmosphere of your event, leaving a lasting impression on all who attend.