Novelty Talent Performers

Themed performers from Novelty Talent can be an excellent addition to private parties, trade shows, and team-building events. Whether you have a particular theme in mind or searching for a unique and impressive performance, we can provide the right talent for your needs.

  • Cirque Performers
  • Contortionists
  • Fire Eaters
  • Jugglers
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Giant LED Robots
  • Hula Hoopers
  • Comedians
  • Circus Acts
  • Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Cirque Performers

Mesmerize your guests with breathtaking acrobatics and aerial displays, bringing the magic of the circus to your event.


Showcase incredible flexibility and grace with contortionists who twist and bend in mesmerizing and artistic ways.

Fire Eaters

Add an element of thrill and spectacle with skilled fire eaters who perform daring feats of fire manipulation.


Entertain and amaze your audience with expert jugglers who skillfully toss and catch a variety of objects with precision.

Stilt Walkers

Make a grand entrance with stilt walkers towering above your guests, adding whimsy and visual impact to your event.

Giant LED Robots

Create a futuristic atmosphere with towering robots adorned in vibrant LED lights, perfect for a high-energy and modern event.

Hula Hoopers

Bring fun and charm to your event with hula hoopers who showcase impressive skills and vibrant performances.


Keep your guests laughing with talented comedians who deliver hilarious stand-up routines and interactive entertainment.

Circus Acts

Transport your guests to a world of wonder with a variety of traditional circus acts, from tightrope walkers to trapeze artists.

Celebrity Look-Alikes

Add star power to your event with professional look-alikes who resemble your favorite celebrities, perfect for photo opportunities and mingling with guests.