Custom DJ Booth Designs



All White?  Video Wall?  Monster Staging Design?

Our LED DJ Booths can be customized by layout, design & color.

Looking for that “Classy” Look?  Many guests of honor opt for our all white booth, paired with our all white sound system.

Concert or Corporate Event?  You might want to select an LED Color design if your looking for a WOW effect!

Rustic Style Event?  We can have your Mitzvah DJ setup on one of our wine barrel tables!

Something Different? You can meet with one of our event consultants to discuss the limitless options we have available.

Custom DJ booths are a must-have for mitzvahs, adding a personalized and energetic touch to the celebration. At our service, we specialize in creating bespoke DJ setups that perfectly match your mitzvah’s theme and ambiance. From sleek designs with integrated LED lighting to customizable graphics and branding options, our DJ booths ensure that your entertainment setup stands out. Imagine your DJ spinning tunes from a stylish booth that features your child’s name or a custom logo, surrounded by vibrant LED lights that sync with the music. It’s not just about the music; it’s about creating an immersive experience that keeps guests entertained and engaged throughout the event. Our team handles everything from setup to teardown, ensuring a seamless and professional experience. Let us elevate your mitzvah with a custom DJ booth that not only enhances the atmosphere but also reflects your child’s personality and style, making it a celebration to remember for years to come.