Dance Floor Rentals

A stunning dance floor can enhance the overall reception experience by creating a focal point for entertainment and socializing. Customize your wedding day and create a fun and energetic atmosphere for your guests.

  • Custom Dance Floors
  • Staging
  • Custom Aisles
  • Dance Floor Vinyl Wraps
  • Flower Filled Dance Floor
  • Infinity Dance Floor

We are usually asked about

Can we choose & customize our own decor and lighting?

Yes, depending on the color and theme of your event we’re able to customize according to your needs.

Do you do the pipe and draping?

Yes, we currently carry black and white draping with heights ranging from 8ft to 16 ft.

How do I know how much decor/seating I need for my guests?

We normally suggest 40% – 50% seating when trying to create a lounge environment.

How do I know if your furniture will fit in the event space?

We can either do a site visit and measure, or you can provide measurements so we can provide a scaled floor plan.

Do you only deliver or set up the furniture as well?

We deliver, set up and break down the furniture after the event is over.

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