MC Mannee

Who Is MC Mannee V?

MC Mannee has been an entertainer in the industry for over a decade as a dancer and an MC. At a very early age, Mannee discovered his love for dancing and entertaining. Mannee began studying many different styles of dance such as break dancing, which eventually presented him the opportunity to travel the world and entertain thousands of people.

MC Mannee has also cultivated a love for many different types of music, which prompted him to start producing his own original music during his free time. Mannee is one of the most well versed bilingual MC’s in the industry helping him to captivate audiences all over the nation and the world.

Our DJ was amazing. He was really good at reading the room and playing music that people enjoyed through each phase of the night. We wanted my mom to sing the song for our first dance, and they made sure they had the track she needed and the microphone to handle it all too. Two weeks later, people are still talking about how much fun they had and how good the DJ was.

Manny was the DJ for our wedding, and my wife and I both found him to be awesome in every way. We could not have been happier with our wedding, and a large part of the success was due to his hard work. We found him to be enthusiastic, engaging and fun! He was also bilingual, which was a huge plus to us, as my wife’s family is Mexican, and some of them have limited English understanding. He also asked us at least half a dozen times throughout the night if everything was going well and if we wanted any changes. Just a wonderful DJ, and we couldn’t be happier!!

Our DJ Manny was great! He had a form we filled out prior to the wedding which included music we wanted to walk down the aisle to and what kind of music we wanted to hear at the reception. He played music on our list and similar songs. Everyone was dancing most of the night. He made suggestions on songs when it came to the various dances to ensure they didn’t drag on all night long. He checked in with us throughout the night to make sure the music was good. He even found the only Scottish song for my little Scottish friend, which he went wild for. He even gave us a mint after dinner!! Little details that matter. Would certainly hire him again!